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When will my ad appear?

The content of your ad is validated and sometimes edited by our staff before publication. All ads you submit to SeekKenya.com, will be subject to validation within 48 hours. If your ad is not validated it will not be visible, you will be notified of validation of your ad.

How long will my ad be visible on the site SeekKenya.com?

The non-paying ads are visible for 2 months. At the end of this period, you will receive an email allowing you to extend your ad for 2 more months. Paiment for paid ads is in blocks of 30 days.

How to find my ad once it was published on SeekKenya.com

You can find your ad by clicking the link in the confirmation email of your ad. You can find your ad by typing the word in your ad section in the search text.

How to change or delete my ad?

To edit your ad, go to the My ads , select the ad in question, click on the menu, Edit ad right below your ad. Once you are done editing your ad, click Save to save changes or Delete to delete your ad. Any edited ad will be revalidated by our team, changing an ad will make it invisible, it will be visible only when validation is complete.

How to change your password

If you have lost or if you want to change your password, click on the menu Change password on the login page. The system will generate an email to give you further instructions. Click on the link in your email to make the change of password.

Responding to an ad?

To answer an ad by email, click the menu Reply to this ad at the bottom right of the ad. Enter your message and your email in the appropriate fields. Click Send to send your message directly to the advertiser. The email address of the advertiser is not visible to respect confidentiality. Some advertisers have their phone number listed on their ad you can contact them by phone.

How do I report an ad fraudulent or illegal?

SeekKenya.com has a policy of zero tolerance towards fraud or illegality. You can report any ads apparently illegal or fraudulent by clicking the menu Report Fraud at the bottom right of all ads. You can also contact the team SeekKenya through the contact

How to recognize and denounce doubtful communication with an advertiser?

If you receive a message from an advertiser from a suspicious email or poorly drafted language asking for personal details, banking or installments, it is best not to respond as this is likely a fraud. To prevent this from happening again, notify us by sending a copy of the email you at the address appearing fraudulent Contact@SeekKenya.com.

What to do in case of fraud, what is my recourse?

If your transaction does not proceed in good conditions, if you have been defrauded on SeekKenya.com, please alert us the Contact or by sending an email to Contact@SeekKenya.com. We also recommend that you file a complaint with the police in your city or the National Gendarmerie.

How best to conduct your transaction?

SeekKenya advise and encourage you to prefer the personal delivery of goods purchased. Moreover, it is best to check on the seller, confirming the name, address and telephone to ensure you have a contact in case of problems. While internet allows you to more easily find many bargains, stay vigilant against abnormally low prices. Do not send money by Western Union, MoneyGram or other money transfer agency, when you do not know enough the person with whom you deal. For sellers, always check that payment has been made and concluded, before delivering your merchandise.

Does SeekKenya.com guarantees transactions initiated on the site?

The answer is simply NO. SeekKenya.com does not perform a test of validity of ads posted on the site. SeekKenya.com is not involved at any point in a transaction between users of this site, nor act under any circumstances as trustee. SeekKenya.com is not responsible or does not endorse any vendor or transaction.

Contact us at

Contact@SeekKenya.com, if you have further questions.