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SeekKenya is the product of Intelliverb Inc, an American company with a leader from Africa.

The idea behind SeekKenya is to build a world class search engine on Kenya businesses. We believe in the Kenyan innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, SeekKenya is an effort to participate in promoting Kenya to the rest of the world.

It’s hard to find your way around Kenyan cities; it’s hard to find information on Kenyan Businesses. We build SeekKenya to respond to a demand of a modern economy, we bring the best of technology to solve a local issue.

Please use it and enjoy it, we are happy to hear from you anytime. Feel free to get in touch by email at Contact@SeekKenya.com.

The SeekKenya team.

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SeekKenya c/o Intelliverb

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Email: Contact@SeekKenya.com