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Sealand Pest control services was registered in Kenya and based in Kenyan Capital ,Nairobi.Being a focussed enterprise we are looking forward to grow with our stakeholders ,however our historical pillar is in the team behind it with track record in experience ,expertise and character that spans for years in the industry.We continuously develop our concepts that are specifically suitable , safe and cost effective.

Secondly ,Sealand pest control enterprise comprises of a team that is happy to serve you with dedication that justifies our existence , Modern technology and research to ensure it supplies and services a client with the latest chemical molecules and equipment to minimize risks and eradicate nuisance.
ServicesSealand Pest control is structured into three business units for the purpose of business focus and provision of quality products and personalized , specific service to our customers.

Advisory Unit

Deals with clients who seek advisory on pest problems before and after infestation by pest includes , Inspection , sampling , Specifying and Quantifying the chemical to be used , costing , Equipment used ,Pest control proposals and recommendations.

Supplies Unit

As the name implies it is mainly the supplies of products from recognized manufacturers / Importers in the world and supply ONLY registered products .Here we mean products we supply are accompanied by relevant information like Material safety datasheets useful to the client ,handler and the consumer. Some of products categories we supply are :

i) Termiticides ;
For controlling subterranean termites in buildings ,utility poles ,fields ,runways ,roads ,telephone lines ,Trees ,Fish ponds and Dams and plumb lines.

ii) Rodenticides :
For control of all species of rats and some moles in Domestic ,industrial ,field and Agricultural farms ,Factories ,sewage etc.

iii) Reptilicides:
For controlling of Snake repellants ,Geckos and alligators.

iv) General pest/Vector management:
For controlling ofBedbugs ,Cockroaches ,Fleas ,mosquitoes and all their life cycle stages in domestic ,Industrial premises ,Airlines ,Ships ,Offices ,Hospitals , Buses ,restaurants ,Golf courses and Fields.

v) Fumigants :
For fumigation of grains whether on storage on transit i.eSilos ,Stores ,Ships ,Cargo planes ,Lorries etc.

vi) Equipment and tools :
Pumps , Fogging machines ,drill bits , Fumigation sheets ,Bait stations ,Torches ,measuring cylinders ,Jars ,Measuring tapes ,Cautions devices etc

vi) Herbicides;
For killing of unwanted weeds in Golf courses , Fields ,Farms and in Landscaping ,Ports ,roads and railway lines.

vii) Disinfectants, Antiseptics and Bio-digesters.
For cleaning , Disinfecting ,killing germs and Bio-digesters for treatment of blocked sewer lines and digesting of organic waste in pit latrines hence lowering it to delay the filling.

viii) Safety Gears :
Boots ,Aprons ,Overall ,Dust coats ,Gloves ,masks etc.

Service Unit

This unit deals with the practical control of pests by applying integrated pest management methods step by step . In this unit we have expertise ,Tools and the right chemical to deliver results and give a certificate of Guarantee.

We promise value for money ,safety to people and non target species and Environment. i.e For Termite we do both Pre-construction and Post construction.guarantee ,General pest (Mosquitoes , Bebugs , Cockroaches , flies ) we do IRS ,Fumigation ,Rodents and reptiles is conventional . Upon completion of the work we issue a certificate.

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