Vehicle Tracking Service
P.O.Box 45047 – 00100 Nairobi
Securex House, Parklands Rd, Nairobi
(254) 20 3746321/3/6 - (254) 725 311033/ 733 570 050
InformationThe company was founded in 2007 in partnership with Securex Agencies. Cyber Trace offers a selection of easy-to-use wireless solutions designed for the protection and management of people, mobile and fixed assets, vehicles and containers. The security systems provide an integral and complete security solution as they each combine advanced technology, telecommunications and digital data.

Cyber Trace has had over seven years of successful experience in the field of vehicle tracking and recovery and is dedicated to continuously offering its clients a customized and above average quality service in all aspects of its business.

In partnership with local and international security and technology providers, Cyber Trace proposes a range of customized solutions that respond to the needs of both corporate and individual clients. Our solutions are designed for the protection of people and mobile/fixed assets, thus helping families to protect loved ones and enabling organisations to secure their profits through increased control over fleets and other assets.

Cyber Trace is committed to minimising, monitoring and providing support for the various security risks faced by individuals and organisations on a daily basis. The safety and welfare of our customers are our primary concern and it is based on their individual needs that our operating procedures have been designed. We are therefore consistently searching for more advanced products and seeking ways to improve our service in order to provide the most appealing product/service bundle for each need.

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