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InformationThe primary aim of MCPS training programs is to prepare students to assume roles as responsible, competent members of the professional community. To achieve this, MCPS offers competitive programs through a dynamic environment that incorporates distance and online learning, guided by our academic integrity policy.
Approach to training

Since professionals work in increasingly diverse settings, MCPS programs are committed to training competency that is sensitive to multicultural diversity. All Our programs factor the cultural diversity of the student body and faculty, the practicum experience, and the composition of course syllabi and lectures.

In addition, the our programs embrace the tradition of excellence through discipline, which is visible in the curriculum. This includes training in supervision, vocational and career development and vocational assessment. Students have diverse options of study featuring social and community development, Counselling and Psychological studies, marriage and family therapy, pediatric and adolescent psychology, to name a few. The program also offers experiencial training through our partnership with the Kenya Counselling Association
Who should apply?

The program seeks to admit students with a variety of personal backgrounds, perspectives and life experiences; willing to enhance their professional and personal development as well as positively impact on their peers. For specific requirements for each training program click here. You can also download the prospectus, fill the application form online, or download print and send the application form through the post office.

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