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Symbion Hse, Karen Rd, Nairobi
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InformationOUR HISTORY
Symbion International was established as an architectural
practice in 1980 based n Nairobi.

In 1993 Symbion Uganda was started as an associate practice with Symbion Tanzania coming into being in 1994.

Symbion traded in Seychelles from 1986 to 1995 and still services clients in that region.
In 1998 Symbion acquired Conscom Botswana Ltd.

The latest entrance to the Symbion Group is Symbion Mombasa which came into operation in 2005 after acquisition of an existing practice at the Coast.

In 2009, Symbion International changed its trading status from partnership to Symbion Kenya Limited.

In 2009 the Symbion Group of practices standardised trading status to limited liability companies throughout.

In 2011 Symbion Group broke ground for their first project in the new Republic of South Sudan.

To lead in the provision of Project Management Architecture, Interior Design, and Urban design services in Africa.

To provide innovative solutions throughout the real estate sector.
To identify, assess and be actively involved in projects which best utilize the maximum range of skills and abilities within Symbion to ensure the highest quality of product, client satisfaction, environmental responsibility and satisfactory financial returns.

To understand our client’s requirements and the social, economic and cultural environment in which those requirements were generated.
To develop a liaison between our client and consultants in which the opinions and skill of both can contribute towards the success of the project.
To ensure that the Design Team has fully understood the clients requirements and to co-ordinate its work as an integrated group
To produce appropriate and refined architecture and design which complements the cultural and social traditions of the country in which it is located.
To ensure by efficient management and co-ordination, that the financial resources of the client are used in the most efficient way and that financial and time objectives are maintained throughout the project.
To strive for excellence and to always endeavour to achieve it, in our design work and professional and ethical standards.

Our success is drawn from working with the best staff available to meet our objectives. We strive
to continuously develop them and provide appropriate working conditions and resources to enable
them achieve excellence in their areas of operation.

We choose to associate with competent building consultants and contractors who share in our objective of excellence in project delivery.

We have established a system of standard documentation and employ a quality control procedure to ensure that our services meet the standards demanded by our customers.

We seek to fully understand our clients’ needs and aspirations at the onset of every project.

At Symbion we are committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems. We have a health safety and environment committee to ensure compliance with our policy.

At Symbion we recognize our role as a corporate citizen and make appropriate contributions to deserving cases. Apart from direct contributions in response to various appeals, we continue to participate in social corporate events including in the Standard Chartered Marathon, The Lewa Marathon, the Dettol Heart Run .Other examples are support for the Barclays Step Aside Walk, contribution towards the National Humanitarian fund in 2008 and Nairobi Women’s Hospital fundraising event.

At Symbion we are cognizant of the need for continuous professional development .Our directors and staff have attended in-house training courses apart from CPD events organized by professional associations .In 2008 Symbion was represented at the World Congress of Architects in Italy. In 2009 Symbion was again represented at the Builders Conference in Las Vegas USA.


We are committed to maintaining diversity in all our practices

Encouraging innovation and sustainability in design
We are committed to innovative design and

Our responsibility to staff goes beyond remuneration. We have established a staff co-operative and Pension Scheme

We offer internship opportunities for university students in order to bridge the gap between theory
and practice

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